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Jr Club Application


Long Run Junior Golf Club 
2018 Summer Program  
Welcome to Long Run’s Junior Golf Club!  This summer program is designed for kids 7-15 and meets weekly on Wednesdays.  Each week we will cover different skills in a clinic format.  We will have weekly competitions with prizes awarded. 
We offer 2 clinic sessions each week.  The first session, will run from 9:00- 10:00 a.m., and is designed for those players that are advanced and able to play 9 holes on their own.  We encourage all of these participants to play 9 holes at the conclusion of each clinic.  Tee times for these players will begin at 10:30 
 (Juniors must have their own clubs in order to play) 
The second session will run from 10:30-11:30 a.m.  It will focus on basic golf skills and is designed to help juniors get to the playing level.   
The cost for this summer program is $75 and includes all instruction, prizes, a GHIN handicap # for those at the playing level and occasional snacks/drinks.  
*Those juniors that play 9 or 18 holes must pay a green fee each time. * 
All communication will be done through E-Mails.  Weekly E-Mails will be sent to inform juniors of past results or upcoming events.  
For any other questions please feel free to contact me. 
376-1111 or  lbender@longrungolf.com 
Leslie Bender,  
Director of Junior Golf 
*If you have a junior who plays regularly, Metro Parks offers passes for a fee of $90 for juniors. They then pay a $1.75 user fee each time they play on a Metro Parks Course (Monday through Friday). Contact the Metro Parks Office 456-8100 for information. 
Long Run Jr Golf 2017 Clinic Schedule 
Wednesday, May 30 Welcome / Intro to Golf / setup 
Wednesday, June 6  Putting (basic stroke/short putts) 
Wednesday, June 13 Chipping/pitching  
Wednesday, June 20 Full swing/Low irons 
Wednesday, July 27  Red White and Blue skills competition  
Wednesday, July 11 Putting (long putts/reading breaks) 
Wednesday, July 18 Full swing (woods) 
Wednesday, July 25 Pitching 
August 1 How to Practice 
August 8  Closing Games
*this is a tentative schedule/ skills covered may vary depending on groups ability and knowledge
 Long Run Junior Golf Club 
2018 Summer Program Application 
Last Name_______________________   
First Name_____________________ 
Birth date ___________      Gender__________   
E-Mail_________________________  Home Phone______________
City_____________________   State______  Zip________ 
Parents’/guardian’s Name #_________________________ 
Emergency Name & Phone # ________________________ 
Golf experience/9 Hole Avg Score __________________    
Left or Right Handed?____    Do you have your own clubs? ________ 
Session I  9-10 a.m. _______Session II 10:30–11:30 a.m. _________ 
I plan on participating in the weekly 9 hole playdates  Y / N  
Please return this form with your $75 payment to      
Long Run Junior Golf 
                                             1605 Flat Rock Rd 
                                             Louisville, KY  40245 

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